Since its creation, the CEJ has developed national and local projects on issues such as:

Justice reform; justice education; unmet legal needs; judicial corruption; community justice; court congestion; impunity; Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in the justice system; the investigation and prosecution of sexual crimes against women; regulatory information systems; judicial management models; and the monitoring of procedural reforms, such as those related to the General Procedure Code, the Criminal Accusatory System, and the Administrative Litigation Code

The CEJ has participated on the following public committees and commissions:

  • Commission for the Monitoring  of the Execution of the Action Plan for the Implementation of the General Procedure Code (2013)
  • Committee for Refining and Rationalizing the Colombian Legal System (2013)
  • President Juan Manuel Santos Calderón’s Justice Sector Transition Committee (2010)
  • Commission of Experts on the Justice Reform (Technical Secretary, 2010)
  • Intersectoral Commission for the Monitoring of the Criminal Accusatory System (Technical Secretary, 2009)
  • Commission on Oral Proceedings and Speedy Justice (Civil Society Representative, 2009)
  • Interinstitutional Commission for the Reform of the Justice System (Technical Secretary, 2009)
  • Constitutional Commission for the Monitoring of the Criminal Accusatory System (Technical Secretary, 2005)
  • Constitutional Commission on the Drafting of the Penal Reform (Technical Secretary, 2003)


Justice System Management Indicators

A public information tool for developing indicators on: i) trust and corruption; ii) judicial management; iii) the Criminal Accusatory System; iv) the prison situation; v) criminality; vi) the budget situation; and vii) comparative international figures.

Monitoring of the Criminal Accusatory System

Monitoring of the implementation of the criminal procedure reform in order to contribute to the channeling of opinions of officials and academics with respect to the actions that should be taken to strengthen the system. The CEJ is executing this project in its capacity as Technical Secretary of the Interinstitutional Commission for the Monitoring of the Criminal Accusatory System (CISPA).

Visible Selection

A coalition of civil society organizations that monitors the selection of High Court Magistrates and other justice dignitaries, to ensure that they are appointed under standards of transparency and merit.

Excellence in Justice Prize                                    

“A recognition of good justice-related management practices”
This prize is awarded every two years in recognition of the interest and commitment of those who promote and implement best practices, and of their proven results in enhancing the quality of the justice service delivery, in terms of efficiency, simplification, modernization and the recovery of citizens’ trust in the system.


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